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Soils Control International, Inc provides its services to a wide range of industries. Every industrial segment involves common activities like construction, vehicular movement on roads, land or property maintenance, etc. that require our solutions.

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Soils Control International is a leading solution provider of cost-effective and environmentally friendly products and solutions used for soil stabilization, dust control, soil erosion control, pavement maintenance, and landfill capping. These applications serve customers, both private and government, across diverse markets worldwide. 

Mining & Oil Field Haul Roads

Mining and oil fields are generally located in undeveloped areas. Due to the nature of these operations, the fields are laden with dust; the roads are unpaved and get prone to damage due to heavy vehicular movements.


Any construction project contains different work sites, including store yard, staging area, parking spot, unpaved roads, and other designated areas that require services like dust control, soil stabilization, and soil erosion control.

Private Contractors

Private contractors consist of contractors working on any construction projects as well as those who own ranches, farms, wind farms, or any other property. These contractors require several services like dust control, soil stabilization, and road maintenance for maintaining health and safety standards in their worksite or property.


The military segment includes bodies like the US Department of Defense, where there are airfields, runways, worksites, roads that require the best-in-class dust control, soil stabilization, and other maintenance services.


The energy segment comprises conventional and renewable energy industries, which require dust control and soil erosion prevention solutions to ensure the safety of the workforce and equipment. 


Government infrastructure requires regular development and maintenance of roads and highways meant for the usage of the public. Soils Control International, Inc provides soil, dust, and road maintenance solutions to this segment.


Landfill projects, including hazardous material disposal sites, employ the use of soil stabilization. Erosion control and polymer coating technologies ensure that hazardous materials don’t get imbibed into the earth or leaked into the atmosphere.


The agricultural industry requires dust control solutions to prevent crops from getting affected. It also employs soil erosion prevention and stabilization techniques for maintaining the condition of their agricultural field and surrounding areas.


The forestry departments are responsible for the upkeep of the forest as well as surrounding areas to keep the greenery intact. As such, solutions like soil erosion control, dust prevention, soil stabilization of the connecting roads, and surrounding areas are essential.

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It was a pleasure to work with Andy from Soils Control International. They were very responsive and completed the project on time.
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