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Any traffic-bearing surface requires proper development and maintenance to increase its life cycle. Share your project details with us and improve the performance and longevity of a traffic-bearing surface.

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Soils Control International is a leading supplier of sustainable, technologically advanced, eco-friendly, and cost-effective products and solutions that are useful for any surface bearing traffic movement of any kind. 

We are a global organization having footprints across the world in more than 40 countries. Since our establishment in August 2011, we have been able to consistently deliver technologically superior products and solutions that have outperformed industry standards.

Our physical offices are currently located in Austin, Texas, and El Paso, Texas. However, we are privileged to have been able to serve customers worldwide. We have kept on continuing to expand our presence across the globe aggressively.

Our History

Soils Control International, Inc has always been able to provide technologically advanced solutions to its customers. We have a long history of successfully supplying products and executing projects that address the pain-points of customers and exhibit superior performance for years.

In 2012, we completed one of our very first product supplies to Steiner Ranch, a luxury home community in Austin, Texas. In the same year, we also completed our first overseas supply to a residential urbanization project in Brazil.

We have continued to supply our products and offer services to all our customers based in the USA and many countries worldwide.

Our Products

Soils Control International has a diverse product portfolio:

  • Products for stabilizing unpaved roads or highways with top coating - Terra Fog™, Terra Prime™, Top-Seal Black™, Top-Seal White™
  • Products to improve and maintain paved roads or highways - HR-TS™, Terra Patch Asphalt™, Terra Patch Concrete™, Terra Microsurfacing™
  • Products used for a special purpose - Block Seal™, Terra Bike Lanes™

What Sets Us Apart

Soils Control International, Inc is committed to providing excellent cost-effective solutions that are environmentally friendly, easy to use, and capable of stabilizing an unpaved road. We also provide maintenance services for paved roads that significantly improve the surface conditions.

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It was a pleasure to work with Andy from Soils Control International. They were very responsive and completed the project on time.
Ekaterina Shevchenko

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