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Soils Control International offers soil stabilization, dust control, soil erosion, asphalt maintenance, and other road improvement solutions that make roads easier to maintain and safer to travel on.

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Many of us take for granted the roads we drive on and walk along daily. That is until your car hits a pothole or your bike pops a flat due to a poorly-maintained path; that’s when you need premium asphalt maintenance and dust control products.

Roads are some of the most heavily used structures on earth, and they take a beating, necessitating periodic road maintenance. Soils Control International helps make longer-lasting, safer roads through our road improvement solutions like soil stabilization products, erosion control products, and more.  

We’ve helped improve roads of all types around the world for years and strengthen them to extend their lifetime along with providing a more stable, safe surface over which to travel. Whether we’re able to stabilize a road before asphalt is laid or we’re brought in to strengthen dry roads and paths through road and soil stabilization, paving, and repair, we have the solutions and technology to make our world a safer, greener place, as per our road maintenance agreement.

About Our Road Improvement & Asphalt Maintenance Services

Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization is a road improvement and highway maintenance technique that involves enhancing the soil’s weight-bearing properties and ability to withstand erosion and general wear and tear. 

Soil is the base on which roads are built, and poor soil can quickly lead to an unsafe road that falls apart as quickly as it was constructed unless you call a local contractor for timely asphalt maintenance services. Terra Prime is a revolutionary road maintenance solution that can dramatically improve both the lifespan and strength of the soil so that any road, whether it’s a bike path or an airport runway, is safer to travel on.

Dust Control

If you’ve ever driven down a dusty road (without any pavement or seal) and strained to see through the cloud in front of you while coughing from the debris-filled air, you know how important dust control is for roads; this is why you need to link up with an asphalt maintenance company for appropriate guidelines and action.

Soils Control’s dust control solutions like Top-Seal White have been used all over the world to help control dusty roads, and have even been used by the US military to control Fort Hood’s dust problem caused by military vehicles like tanks and other heavy, armored vehicles. Not only is it ideal for dirt road maintenance, but helps control dust in gravel road maintenance too.

We also have several asphalt driveway maintenance products and cleaners.

Soil stabilization before installation and asphalt driveway maintenance

Soil Erosion Control

One of Soils Control’s newest asphalt paving and maintenance solutions, HR-TS, helps seal roads from excess moisture (maintaining a safe level of dryness) and, in turn, decreases soil erosion from liquid permeation. Such products are important for the preservation and management of busy roads, especially near parking spaces.

Pavement Maintenance

Terra Patch Concrete is one of Soils Control’s most effective pavement/asphalt maintenance solutions, providing an eco-friendly way to repair and stabilize worn and cracked concrete pavement.

Landfill Capping

By applying Top-Seal White to cap landfills for road improvement, we’re able to provide an eco-friendly solution that waterproofs the top of landfills while forming a solid, flexible surface that resists fracturing.

Your Trusted Asphalt Driveway Maintenance Products Service

You can only expect the best from Soils Control International when you turn to our website for asphalt repair and maintenance products. Not only do we understand the principles involved efficiently but also have a working knowledge of stabilizing soils; this is perfectly reflected in all of our products.

If you need to keep your asphalt driveway in perfect working order for longer, just browse through our selection online and take your pick.

Damage to your asphalt driveway, over time, is inevitable, but with effective maintenance, you can increase the longevity of the structure for a much longer period than otherwise possible. Our asphalt installation and maintenance products have been designed with durability and performance in mind.

Our level of product quality assurance level is at par with top-tier highway maintenance companies.

Buy Premium Products From Our Asphalt Maintenance Company

As with all premium highway maintenance companies, Soils Control International is committed to delivering the most dependable asphalt repair and maintenance services to all. 

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