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Soils Control International, Inc. has over a decade of experience at a global level in developing advanced soil stabilization methods and products that help extend the lifespan of roads.

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A professional approach to asphalt maintenance starts with the very soil the road is built on. After all, each road is as solid as the soil underneath. This is why our company develops special products and solutions for the restoration and improvement of the ground.



Our soil stabilization services take into account the conditions of the soil, as well the climate in the respective area. The exact procedure is determined based on the problems of the soil and the contractor’s previous experience in similar situations.

What Are the Soil Stabilization Methods We Use?

We are one of the most innovative soil stabilization companies, with projects all over the world. This allows us to understand the many problems of various types of soils and the type of stabilizer needed in order to deliver excellent services. 

Here are the three soil stabilization methods we use:

Mechanical Soil Stabilization Technique

The simplest stabilizing solution is to consolidate the ground by the oldest procedure: filling in the gaps. While the average company would use soil for this restoration method, we use our proprietary Block-Seal™. This is a highly compressed earth block which, together with water, will effectively consolidate the soil.


soil stabilization products make sure the road you build will reach its maximum lifespan


Chemical Soil Stabilization Technique

The chemical procedure for soil stabilization involves the use of Terra Prime™, an innovative and eco-friendly solution which replaces the traditional MC-30 additive, containing kerosene that evaporates and pollutes the atmosphere.

Polymer Soil Stabilization Technique

Top-Seal White is a polymer-based stabilizer, whose efficiency was tested together with the Texas Department of Transportation. The soil stabilization contractor proved that this product will bind the soil, creating a flexible and solid mass which resists erosion and reduces the permeability of the soil.

This is one of our eco-friendly soil stabilization products, adequate for the restoration of various types of roads and driveways, including aircraft runways.

Why Choose Our Soil Stabilization Products?

Soil stabilization is part of the necessary road maintenance procedure. What really makes the difference for you as a contractor or public authority representative is how effective soil stabilization services are.

The solutions we propose are effective for the long term and also environmentally friendly. We are constantly searching for an even more innovative technique and testing every potential ground stabilizer we develop.

Work with an Innovative Soil Stabilization Contractor

Soils Control International, Inc. has over a decade of worldwide experience in road maintenance and soil stabilization methods. We work with the construction industry, governments, the military and all types of private contractors.

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