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With over 25 years of international market presence in more than 40 countries, road improvement products from SCI have led the way in changing lives through cost-effective and environmentally safe technologies for stabilizing and eliminating dust pollution from unpaved roads, and for preserving asphalt roads far beyond their normal life expectancies.

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Road improvement products from SCI are non-petroleum based and can provide local budgets with more miles of improvements at performance levels that will meet and exceed traditional standards of the much more expensive options associated with using asphalt/bitumen treatments. SCI products are designed to significantly extend road life expectancy and, in the process, the products will pay for themselves many times over.  

Our Road Improvement Products

Road Base Stabilization 

SCI’s original flagship product, Top-Seal White (TSW) Liquid Soil Sealant and Stabilizer, is an industry leading multi-purpose commercial-grade liquid soil additive that can be incorporated into many different types of stabilization projects for both paved and unpaved roads.  The advantage of using this product is that it will significantly increase road base strength and impermeability at only a fraction of the cost of traditional non-liquid stabilization, and the performance criteria can be determined simply by adjusting the application rate.  TSW can be used for stabilizing and maintaining unpaved roads with a cost savings that can ultimately be budgeted into an asphalt/bitumen overlay without the cost of reconstruction of the already stabilized base.  The speed of commerce on TSW stabilized unpaved roads can be literally doubled and made safer as a result of the elimination of potholes and dust pollution.  TSW is a life-changing liquid soil additive that can pay for itself many times over.

Terra Fog

This perfect road improvement product to extend the service-life of asphalt surfaces, the polymer-based Terra Fog helps prolong the amount of time needed before serious maintenance and/or reconstruction is needed.

Terra Prime

The perfect soil stabilizer to use as a prime coat before pouring asphalt, extensive testing by the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Department of Transportation has concluded that Terra Prime outperforms all competitor products as a replacement for MC-30.

Top-Seal Black

Top-Seal Black is our asphalt emulsion sealer which helps form a hardened, independent surface on the road base that creates a thick membrane coating, preventing water and other moisture from penetrating and causing cracks and fissures. Top-Seal Black also increases surface friction and, thereby, decreases braking distance.

Top-Seal White

Top-Seal White is an all-purpose liquid soil stabilizer which binds and transforms into a malleable yet resilient mass that is fracture-resistant. The Texas Department of Transportation has indicated Top-Seal White’s strength is comparable to that of cement stabilization, while other tests indicate that its resistance to moisture significantly exceeds Environmental Protection Agency standards. 

Top-Seal White also helps prevent base faulture, dust pollution and soil erosion by increasing soil strength and decreasing permeability.

Block Seal

Block Seal can be added to soil during the production of compressed-earth blocks to significantly improve their weather-resistance and create stronger, more durable blocks that won’t degrade in the face of moisture. 


Internationally recognized for its excellent performance in controlling dust pollution on a major haul road in Texas, USA, our HR-TS™  is composed of a water-based, 100% environmentally friendly polymer compound and specifically designed for dust control and soil stabilization. 

Terra Bike Lanes

Terra Bike Lines (TBL) is a solvent-free and environmentally friendly polymer-based ready-mix applied to asphalt or concrete which enriches, maintains and strengthens pavement surfaces without causing damage. The result? A durable, smooth surface for bike lanes.

Terra Patch Asphalt

Perfect for potholes and depressed areas of asphalt, this versatile soil stabilization polymer-based mix is a perfect cost-effective solution for filling potholes.

Terra Patch Concrete

Terra Patch Concrete is the perfect solution to repair potholes, depressions and other damaged areas in concrete. When compared to other concrete-based patching materials, Terra Patch is simply more flexible and more durable.

Terra Microsurfacing

If you’re looking for a way to drastically improve the lifespan of your existing asphalt pavement and decrease moisture infiltration, Terra Microsurfacing is your ideal solution.

For All Of Your Road And Pathway Needs

Soils Control International has years of experience helping improve the safety and efficiency of our roads. From The Americas to Africa and more, Soils Control International is your worldwide solution for all your soil stabilization needs.

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