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Soils Control International, Inc. was founded in 2011 and has grown into a global company helping government and private entities with innovative pavement maintenance solutions and systems.

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If you are looking for professional asphalt maintenance solutions for the roads created with Soils Control International Inc. materials, we also have them, as well. We offer our clients advanced preventive pavement maintenance solutions for your driveway, road, parking area, or other surface. We believe in long-term partnerships with clients. Once we help them build a road, we are also prepared to help them with seal and repair materials, and more.

The main advantage of pavement maintenance is extended lifespan of the road for a fair cost. Each product we develop has three major qualities: 

  • High efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Environmentally friendly

Our Top Pavement Maintenance Solutions

Over the years, our pavement maintenance systems were tested and proven in private and public works. From the military and government entities to every private contractor, every client who relied on our pavement maintenance services was satisfied with the end result.

The most important systems we use are:

  • Terra Fog™ - a seal that locks asphalt particles and prevents chipping
  • Top-Seal Black™ - a solution that hardens into an independent layer
  • Terra Prime™ - a solution that penetrates the asphalt and stabilizes the sub-base layer.

before and after asphalt driveway maintenance; observe the improved look of the road free of cracks

Applying these pavement maintenance systems helps you avoid the need to repair and patch the paving and maintain the road or driveway in optimal condition for all types of traffic (including heavy traffic).

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A road is more than a major building project. It is a lifeline that connects people and allows goods to be delivered across the country. We believe that each road we helped build with our materials deserves the best asphalt pavement maintenance.

For this reason, our company is always ready to advise you on the most adequate pavement maintenance solutions that will expand the lifespan of the road.

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Soils Control International, Inc. has over 10 years of experience working with government agencies, the military, the construction industry, and private contractors globally. We are constantly working on developing innovative and effective solutions. 

We are always ready to evaluate your need for pavement maintenance on projects built with our materials. Our services are available worldwide, so call us now: +1 254 526 5550.