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TOP-SEAL™  Liquid Soil Sealant and Stabilizer is an environmentally safe,  general
purpose liquid soil additive  that is mixed with water  and used for controlling and
managing a variety of soil conditions.  When properly applied in sufficient quantities, Top-
Seal will effectively eliminate or prevent the following problems:   base failure of paved
and unpaved roads,  dust pollution,  soil erosion, and loss of water from ponds and
reservoirs.  More info

 HR-TS(HAUL ROADS with TOP-SEAL)   is  a  Dust Pollution Control Program from  
Soils  Control  International  that  uses  higher concentrations of Top-Seal Liquid Soil
Sealant and Stabilizer  to control dust pollution on haul roads or any other area with
extremely  heavy  traffic,  such as  truck  parking  lots  and  staging areas.  The  HR-TS™
Program  uses  Top-Seal®  as a powerful, environmentally safe,  liquid soil binder  that  
permanently attaches  itself to  dust  particles  and  tightly  binds them together so  that
they will be heavy  and  rendered incapable  of  becoming airborne.  Simply  diluted  with  
water  in  a water truck, Top-Seal is  evenly  distributed  into  the soil.  A curing  process  
will  irreversibly  transform  a  mixture  of  Top-Seal, dust, and  aggregate  into  a  
permanently  hardened membrane.  Occasional  maintenance applications, as needed,
will control dust pollution on a permanent basis.  More info

age-old technology of using native soils to build homes and other types of structures,
and combines it with the sophistication and acceleration of modern technology.  The
result is one of the most efficient and productive methods of construction available in
today’s expanding demand for inexpensive and environmentally safe dwellings.  More

 BLOCK-SEAL™ - Liquid Block Hardener.   Blocks that are produced by any commercial
means can be made even stronger and more weather resistant by simply adding Block-
Seal™ to the soil, or to soil and  cement combinations while making  the blocks.  More info

 The SCI SPRAY BAR CONVERSION KIT  consists of a spray bar, mounting brackets,
and a transfer pump for rapid and efficient delivery of Top-Seal directly into the soil.  The
entire system can be mounted on almost any type of gravity fed water truck in a period of
approximately 45 minutes.  More info.

 TRANSFER PUMP for rapid transfer of Top-Seal from drums or totes into the water
truck.  Also can be used for pressurization of the conversion kit spray bar.  More info.


Detailed estimates for base stabilization and dust pollution control projects

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