Erosion Control
TOP-SEAL  Liquid Soil Sealant and Stabilizer is an excellent additive for controlling soil erosion on slopes, embankments,
roadway shoulders, drainage channels, hill sides, and numerous other types of areas where it is vital to maintain the
integrity of a soil foundation.  The versatility of Top-Seal will allow applications to be made in areas where controlling erosion
and preservation of vegetation are equally important.  This is accomplished by simply altering the dilutions and cultivation
procedures so that sufficient amounts of the product will hold the soil together while still allowing germination to occur.  After
the vegetation has firmly taken root, the applications of Top-Seal can be substantially reduced, or stopped altogether.  With
more than 12 years experience, Soils Control International is a leader in the field of soil improvement technologies.  
Representatives from SCI will provide on-site consultations to ensure that initial applications of Top-Seal for erosion control
are properly administered in sufficient quantities.
AFTER (Several months later)
The left photo shows a severe erosion problem that existed on an embankment that surrounded the foundation of a house in
Central Texas, USA.  The right photo was taken several months later after numerous rain storms.  The embankment showed
no signs of deterioration or loss of soil at that time and for many seasons afterwards.
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