BLOCK-SEAL™ Liquid Block Hardener
BLOCK-SEAL ™ is a very powerful commercial grade liquid additive that is specially designed for hardening and sealing
concrete-based products that are combined with other materials such a finely graded soil and fly ash.  This product allows
manufactures to (1)
improve the quality and value of currently manufactured products with minimal increase in cost, or
decrease the cost of manufacturing while still maintaining as good, or better, standards of quality.  Products that are
manufactured with Block-Seal are guaranteed to be far superior when compared to products that are traditionally made with no

Block-Seal™  is an excellent  additive for all material combinations used in the production of blocks made from soil and in all
types of precast concrete products that are used for commercial or residential applications.
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  • Airfield Runway Construction
  • Pond / Lake Construction
  • Landfill Construction
  • Cold in-Place Recycling
  • Road Base Stabilization
  • Dust Pollution Control
  • Soil Erosion Control
  • Soil Block Housing

In recent years, the concept of mixing Block-Seal with various types of soil and cement combinations has gained popularity due
to the rising cost of the cement and the relatively low cost of using Block-Seal as an alternative.  Precast concrete
manufacturers around the world have traditionally been mixing their cement with other materials, such as sand and stone dust,
but in attempting to cut costs, they eventually reach a limit as to how much the cement can be reduced without affecting the
structural integrity standards for their products.

When Block-Seal i
s combined with cement and soil and/or other raw materials, such as fly ash, gypsum, or limestone, the
results will be dramatically enhanced.  Block-Seal is a very powerful commercial grade binder that will (1)
provide a
substantial increase in the strength of manufactured products
, and (2) seal and protect against moisture penetration.  
Most importantly, with Block-Seal, the
amount of cement used in the manufacturing of cement enhanced products can be
substantially and cost-effectively reduced
or eliminated without sacrificing high quality standards expected by customers.

Even without cement, Block-Seal is very effective for increasing the strength and impermeability of stand-alone products such
as fly ash and steel slag.  These materials are not particularly
commercially useful unless combined with the expensive option of
using cement.  Adding only Block-Seal into these materials will allow customers to inexpensively improve the quality in all grades
of their products so that they can be more competitively marketed.  Block-Seal is not only environmentally safe, but as an
alternative to the rising cost of cement, it will help make a difference in reducing the carbon footprint associated with
heavy uses of it throughout the world.

There is a direct correlation between the dosages of Block-Seal and the quality of the results in the products produced from it.  
I.e., the quality standards of products can be determined simply by adjusting the amount of Block-Seal that is used in their
manufacturing.  Regardless of how Block-Seal is used, a significant improvement in the results can always be expected.

By using Block-Seal, it will
pay for itself many times over.  Please contact Soils Control International, Inc. for professional
consultations on a testing Block-Seal with your products and getting started with a long-term program of significant reductions
in your cost of manufacturing.
 Please let us know if we can ship you a free sample of Block-Seal so that you can find out for
yourself how to improve the quality of your products while saving substantially on your manufacturing costs.  

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In the photo above, blocks were made from only soil and without
cement.  The left block was treated with Block-Seal diluted with
water, and on the right, only water was used. The blocks were  
left  in the  open air for curing and,  after a single  rainstorm,  the
untreated block had been severely damaged while the treated
block remained unaffected.  
The photo below shows a single block cut in
half.  The left half was dipped in Block-Seal for
approximately 15 seconds and allow to air dry for
24 hours.  The left half became hardened and
moisture resistant while the right half remained
brittle with very little moisture resistance.
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